Accessing Your Akashic Records

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Accessing Your Akashic Records: Introductory Course to the Pathway Prayer Process©

Accessing Your Akashic Records: Introductory Course to the Pathway Prayer Process©

Are you new to the Akashic Records and the Pathway Prayer Process©?

Would you like to use the Akashic Records as a spiritual resource for personal empowerment and growth?

Have you attempted to go into your Records using the Pathway Prayer Process©,

  • but question whether you’re actually IN the Records
  • and can't seem to gain traction or maintain a practice in the Akashic Records?

Join me live online for this NEW introductory course in the Akashic Records using Dr. Linda Howe's groundbreaking Pathway Prayer Process© to access the Heart of the Akashic Records.

Note: This non-certification class will provide the instruction to begin a personal practice to access your Akashic Records. We will not be addressing how to do readings for others. If you want to work with others (family, friends, or the public), please consider the Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner Certification courses instead to gain the skills, confidence, and knowledge necessary to support others effectively.

Topics covered (includes bonus material not covered in the Certification classes):
- What are the Akashic Records
- The benefits of working in the Records
- Appropriate expectations
- How to use the Pathway Prayer Process© to access your Records
- Best practices for successful work in the Records
- Troubleshooting Checklist when you're not getting the results you seek & how to navigate through them (bonus material)
- How to nurture a personal practice in the Records (bonus material)

There will be multiple opportunities to work in your Records in class, and time will be set aside for questions during each class session. This class will be recorded and available for viewing afterward.

***For the best class experience and results, please read or listen to Dr. Linda Howe's book, How to Read the Akashic Records OR The Heart of the Akashic Records Revealed, available at your local bookstore or Amazon.***

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