Amy's 20+ years in the healing arts profession and background in energy medicine and bodywork adds depth and practicality to her readings and classes.
Amy Mak, Premier Elite Certified Teacher
Amy Mak
Amy Mak

How I found the Akashic Records

My Akashic Records journey began after a year of searching for answers to a health challenge I could not resolve.

For the first time in my life, I couldn't find solace or relief in any of my go-to practices - meditation, herbs, dietary adjustments, energy work, divination cards, affirmations, prayer, angel therapy, etc.

Everything I tried seemed to fall short, and I was drowning in self-doubt, confusion, and despair.

During my first Akashic Records reading in the spring of 2011, I began to understand what was happening in my body. It provided such a profound relief that I knew the Akashic Records was something I needed to explore further.

A couple of months after reading, I earned my Practitioner certification in the Pathway Prayer Process©.

Even though my primary concern at the time was to seek solutions for my body, as I continued to work in my Records and read for others, I began to experience an increased ability to love and accept myself. More surprisingly, I discovered a new level of peace regarding my health that I never dreamed possible.

By 2013, I knew I wanted to be able to do more than give readings to others - I wanted to empower others to access this infinite, loving spiritual resource on their own.

I completed Dr. Linda Howe's Teacher Certification program in 2014, have continued training with Dr. Howe since then, and earned my Premier Elite Teacher certification in February 2022.

More recently, I was honored to assist Dr. Howe in training new teachers in China and Taiwan.