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What are the Akashic Records?

what are akashic records

"Akasha" is a Sanskrit word that means "ether." It is the primary substance from which all things are formed, or energy in its purest state before human emotions or thoughts have been impressed upon it.

The Akashic Records is a soul-level dimension of consciousness that contains the vibrational archive of every soul's journey as human on this planet.

Historically, the Akashic Records were only available to scholars, mystics, saints, and others deemed worthy of working in this dimension of consciousness.

As human consciousness has grown and developed, the Akashic Records are now available as a spiritual resource for anyone with the consciousness and desire to do so.

In 2001, Dr. Linda Howe received the Pathway Prayer Process©, a sacred prayer that allows consciousness, deliberate and responsible access to the Akashic Records for personal and spiritual empowerment.

You can learn about Akashic Records Consultations or explore Akashic Records certification opportunities here.

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